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Project Description

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Thru the Lenz is a research project that is focused on the exchange of knowledge amongst all parties involved:  principal resesarcher(s), participants/co-researchers, community members, teachers, and families.  The project is participant guided and the focus will be determined through group dialogue, photo taking expeditions, and creative exercises.


Thru the Lenz will occur for approximately twelve weeks, with weekly two hour sessions. 



A rough outline follows:


 Initial sessions - educational and informative

  • Group cohesion activities-these will occur throughout the project including: 
    check-ins, safety and trust building exercises, and ending reflections
  • Photographpy techniques
  • Philosophies of art and photography
  • Technical aspects of using a camera
  • Ethics
  • Consent, release forms, and permission to photograph people



Intermediate Sessions - Photo taking expeditions

  • Developing and processing film
  • Participants choose favorite photos to write about, collage, graphic story-telling, 
    and composition creation of various forms
  • Group discussions (small and large) about the meanings and representational aspects of the photos 
  • Community outings



Final Sessions - Focus on the vision of the participants and community action

  • Achieving stable and beneficial community partnerships is emphasized at this stage of the project
  • Community action-examples: neighborhood clean-up, school projects and out-reach to entire student body, 
    revamp physical places in the community, skits on healthy choices, etc…
  • Photography exhibits: inviting community members and people in power to  
    illuminate the reality of the participants/co-researchers lives 


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